The latest smartphone upgrades to hit the shelves β€” the Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro β€” are now available through Crystaline.

Available at a similar price point to last year’s Pixel 6, what are the new features of the Pixel 7 that could elevate your business ops? 🧐

βœ… Clear calling β€” with noise filters and voice enhancement, the clear calling function allows employees to stay focused on their conversations despite distracting background noise

βœ… Extreme battery saver mode β€” the Pixel 7’s Adaptive Battery can last up to 72 hours when Extreme Battery Saver mode is activated

βœ… Higher level of security β€” Google’s Titan M2 chip is compliant with protection guidelines for identity, SIM cards and bank security chips, helping to keep company data secure

βœ… Online protection β€” coming soon, the Pixel 7 will also have a built-in VPN to protect you and your device from cyberthreats across all applications and web browsers

βœ…Full compatibility with the Android Enterpriseβ€” with an Android Enterprise subscription, the Pixel 7 can be customised, and updates can be deployed in bulk across multiple devices giving business full visibility of their mobile inventory

If you’re looking to upgrade to the latest Google Pixel phone, or if you’d like to hear about other business devices Crystaline offers, get in touch today.