Are You an Over Sharer?

Jun 3, 2020 | Cyber Parenting - Social Media

Do you over share photos videos or what your children are doing? What do you know about ‘sharenting’? What are the risks? And are you doing it too much? Take our quiz to find out.

  1. What is sharenting?
    a. The habitual use of social media to share news and images of your children
    b. Constantly shushing your child in public
    c. Shaming your child by behaving in an embarrassing way
  2. How many photos of the average child do you think will be posted online by their fifth birthday?
    a. 1,500
    b. No idea…maybe 300?
    c. Hopefully thousands of embarrassing ones!
  3. How confident are you about using privacy settings?
    a. Very – I use them all the time
    b. I do know how to use them, but I don’t bother
    c. Erm, what are privacy settings?
  4. Do you ask for your child’s permission before you post a picture of them?
    a. Yes, in the interest of protecting their privacy
    b. I have never thought about it
    c. No, they don’t mind – they love counting the ‘likes’ they get
  5. Do you expect other parents to ask your permission before they post images of your child?
    a. Of course
    b. No, I don’t mind
    c. I never ask other parents, so I’m not bothered
  6. How does your child feel about you sharing pictures of them
    a. We talk before we post so we can judge how they feel
    b. I’ve never talked to them about it. Should I?
    c. They’re embarrassed, but hey – that’s my job as a parent
  7. If they asked you to take a picture down would you do it?
    a. Definitely
    b. I would, but I don’t know how
    c. No, they need to develop a thick skin
  8. What are the risks of sharenting?
    a. Revealing too much of your child’s private life, putting them at risk of bullying or identity theft
    b. Upsetting your children
    c. Annoying your followers
  9. Your 13-year-old has just started a Facebook account. Do you…
    a. Talk to them about responsible sharing and privacy settings
    b. Let them get on with it, it’s none of your business
    c. Make friends with them so you can spy on what they’re doing
  10. Your child falls off their bike while learning to ride without stabilisers. You…
    a. Run to their aid
    b. Didn’t see the accident because you were too busy looking at your phone
    c. Reach for your smartphone and film it for posting

How did you do?

Mostly C – Unawarent
It’s worth having a look at your habits and sharpening your sharenting knowledge. We don’t say this to be judgemental; we want to raise awareness that you could face issues later down the line with the amount you’re sharing right now.

Mostly B – Almost there-ent
You have some knowledge of how much and what you should and should not share, but there is still a bit of room for improvement.

Mostly A – Share genius
Well done! You are a responsible sharent. Your kids will be proud (and grateful in a few years…)



  • 71% of parents upload five or more images of their child each week on social media
  • 9% of parents shared an image of their child in the womb
  • 21% of parents have set up a social media account for their child
  • 13% say they share photos of their children to gain social media followers
  • 32% of parents have never asked their child if it’s OK to share a photo of them

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