Did you realise that Ronaldo joining Al-Nassr, Prince Harry publishing his autobiography, the Lionesses reaching the World Cup final, ChatGPT launching and King Charles’ coronation all happened this year?

When we’re caught up in the here-and-now, time passes before we know it. While December 2025 feels like ages away, the PSTN switch off will creep up on us too. So, why should your business start preparing?

🥇 Getting ahead — Waiting until the last minute may give your digitally-savvy competitors an advantage. If you’re already thinking about upgrading your business tech, switching over now gives you even more time to reap the benefits of alternatives such as VoIP.

⏰ Time to adjust — Alternatives such as VoIP can be set up in an instant, as they don’t require any additional phonelines. But it still takes time for employees to adjust to a new way of communicating, and switching over now will remove the stress of training staff in a tight timeframe.

💪 Early gains — As well as being future-proofed, VoIP has many benefits. It can be used in the office and remotely, is easy to scale up and down, can reduce communication expenses in the long run and is virtually maintenance free. Why wait two years to enjoy those advantages?

📞 It’s not just phonelines — There are multiple pieces of tech relying on analogue lines, including fax systems, alarms with phone system connectivity, PBX services, payment lines and security systems. Depending on your business you might have multiple upgrades to make, so it’s best to get ahead.

Still not sure what the switch off means for your business? No need to panic. Crystaline is here to guide you over the next two years, starting with our PSTN switch off advice hub.

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