Arriving slightly earlier than Samsung’s usual launch date, the Galaxy S24 Ultra marks the first major mobile device launch of the 2024. So, what’s new?

Your AI assistant 🤖

Using a smartphone has never been simpler. Enhanced with Samsung’s bespoke Galaxy AI, the device features an impressive collection of AI features. Live translation can act as a real-time interpreter on international phone calls, while automatic voice transcriptions can provide a summary of a phone call in seconds.

Brighter display, better battery 😎

Ever try to use your phone in direct sunlight and find you can’t see a thing? OLED screens have helped solve this problem for a while now, but the S24 Ultra goes a step further with a new anti-glare coating to cut those reflections down. The 6.8-inch screen peaks at 2,600 nits in bright light, making a real difference when using the device outdoors.

With a battery that’s optimised for social scrolling and video streaming, there’s no need to limit your phone use when out on the go.

Ready for anything 💪

The S24 Ultra has the latest chip from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, offering a 20 per cent speed increase, 26 per cent faster graphics and greater power efficiency on previous generations. Whether you’re gaming, socialising, checking your emails or juggling multiple apps at the same time, you’re not going to feel held back by lag.

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