Renewing your corporate phone contracts can be expensive and time consumingOften contracts include a new handset and the cost is paid off in your monthly payments. This may sound like a good deal however, it is important to work out how much the phone is worth and compare it to your contract price as sometimes the phone is paid off before the end of the contract but the monthly amount stays the same. 

Important questions to ask: 

  • Do I have a preferred network? If none, where do I need coverage? (UKEurope, USA, Middle East etc) 
  • What and who causes additional charges and are they warranted(roaming, international calls, premium rate no’s, excess data charges etc) 
  • What do I need moving forward? 
  • Better roaming options 
  • Inclusive international minutes 
  • Increased data 
  • Devices – does the team need new handsets, is a hardware fund better? 
  • Pro-active account management 
  • Is security a consideration? Is company data protected? 
  • Quality of service – account set up – notifications, spend management, pro-active account management, review meetings etc… 

Let’s go in to a bit more detail…. 

How to reduce the cost of your contract 

Mobile costs can be difficult for businesses to control; a lot of this is down to  

user behaviour 

Roaming costs can have a massive impact on your bill. These charges occur when you use a different network, who then charge your regular network for the data, texts and calls made 

Roaming charges can be expensive however, it is necessary for many businesses that have workers on the go.  

Roaming can be used in certain countries without any additional charges. Researching these deals to find the most suitable provider could result in your business saving ££££s. 

A knowledgeable mobile supplier possessing good partnerships with the mobile networks can help you with this.  

Another factor to consider is how often your company is making calls abroad 

By analysing your company’s call patterns, you can find a contract that is appropriate for your needs, reducing the likelihood of over spending for a bigger contract that is not necessary.  

Ask your current supplier to provide you with a monthly report on your usage for the previous month.   

These reports are useful to look at as your mobile needs may change over time and it might be worthwhile altering your contract to reduce costs in the future. It is also useful to find out if yousupplier provides you with an Account Manager and how to contact them. That way if an issue arises with your contract, such as additional charges you were not aware of you, will have a point of contact to raise the problem with. 

Data usage is increasing exponentially, this is now the main cause of additional charges for consumers and business 

“Does my team actually need new handsets?” 

If having a new mobile included is not necessary, you could save money by opting for a SIM only contract. Not only can this reduce your monthly payment, but there is greater variety in the contract durations 12 and 24 month plans, meaning you can alter your contract depending on your needs.  

“Does my team need the top of the range handset?” 

From a business perspective there aren’t that many roles where all the features and benefits of the Apple “X” range of iPhones are going to be fully utilised – it’s always worth considering which mobile devices your business requires, there are a range of devices available at different price points – does everyone need the same handset, would tiering different handsets to role or seniority be worthwhile bearing in mind? 

The cost of devices is rising, and tech funds cannot always cover them, which could result in only some of your departments getting the mobile device needed. 

A good telecoms supplier will be able to talk you through the various flexible options  

Meaning that your company has greater flexibility in terms of payment and contract terms. 

What is a hardware fund?” 

A hardware fund is a sum of money allocated as part of a mobile contract instead of providing new handsets, that allows you to purchase devices  at a later date without having to make any additional investment.  

The hardware fund will sit with your network or service provider and can be used to purchase new handsets as and when you require. 

Nominated contacts will be able to order new handsets at any point over the contracted period and uniquely aCrystalineany outstanding balance on the hardware fund at the end of the contract period can be rolled over into a renewed contract, or even provided as a lump sum! 


Phones and tablets contain as much sensitive information as our PC’s and laptops, with direct access to intranets, CRM’s, bespoke Apps etc.. – what protective measures have you got in place following the roll out of GDPR? 

There are a multitude of mobile device management tools available and they can be easily included in any contract renewal or new. 

At Crystaline we discuss your needs, explain the pros and cons of these options, and make recommendations based on the requirements of the business. 

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