You probably wouldn’t leave home without your mobile — but for amusement and communication, more so than safety. In fact, you’re probably unaware of all your smartphone’s safety features. Many are built in and can be set up in a few simple steps.

Emergency call shortcuts — On most phones, the lock screen features an emergency call button that can be pressed without unlocking the device. On some phones, pressing the on button and a volume key can also bring up a shortcut to 999.

On an iPhone 8 or above, continuing to hold these buttons down will sound an alert and begin a countdown from three. If the buttons remain pressed, an emergency call will be made automatically.

Keep in contact — Setting up emergency contacts via the iPhone health app means the people you choose will be notified if an emergency call is made.

Google’s safety app, available on its Pixel handsets, has a similar function.

Samsung’s emergency mode limits features and the home screen is placed in standby mode, saving battery life. It still enables emergency calls, calls to an emergency contact, and location-sharing while using minimal power.

WhatsApp location sharing — WhatsApp users can temporarily share their location with a chosen contact. While this is handy for finding your mates at a festival, it could also be lifesaving should an emergency arise.

Pressing the attachment button on the right side of the text box and selecting “location” will share where you are with the person the user is messaging