Unwavering commitment to our customers and the community

Crystaline is guided by a deep commitment to genuine customer satisfaction, environmental sustainability and corporate responsibility. Our responsibility to our customers and the communities we serve is based on clear alignment between our business and corporate responsibility strategies.

Whether through the delivery of environmentally safe products to the marketplace or our employees’ donation of time and skills to local communities, Crystaline are known for responsible business conduct and corporate citizenship.

What has changed?



Crystaline prides itself on being fully committed to the communities in which we work. A major part of this commitment is compliance with all standards, regulations and requirements concerning the environmental aspects of our operations, and the products we supply. We believe that maintaining competitive edge cannot preclude commitment to a cleaner, safer world.

Corporate Governance

The Crystaline commitment to ethical conduct is embodied in the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, which promotes the honest and ethical conduct of our employees and all consultants and contractors who represent the company.

Information Security

Information is an asset that, like other important business assets, is essential to an organization’s business and consequently needs to be suitably protected. Information security is especially important in the increasingly interconnected business environment. Crystaline have implemented guidelines and general principles for initiating, implementing, maintaining and improving information security management in the company.

Quality Management

The Crystaline approach to quality management is grounded in our desire to improve customer satisfaction by supporting our customers’ business goals. We create high-quality products and services, develop effective processes and implement ongoing improvements that will meet or exceed customer needs.