Business communications technology support and FAQs

With years of knowledge and experience within the telecoms sector, we pride ourselves on having the experience to support our customers with any telecoms problems they have. Here is a list of the most common questions we’re asked as well as a few helpful downloads.

General FAQs

How do I access my voicemail abroad?

To access voicemail abroad, you will need to set up a security PIN before you leave the UK.

  1. Call your voicemail.
  2. Choose security option
  3. Set PIN and save.

Then you are good to go.

What is a PAC code?

A PAC code (porting authorisation code) allows you to transfer your existing mobile phone number from one mobile phone network provider to another network provider.

How do I get my PAC code?

Most network providers will give you your PAC code when you request it from their customer service team. Depending on your network provider, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to a week to obtain. It is important to remember that after requesting your PAC code, your contract will expire 30 days later, as will the PAC code itself.

If you are a Vodafone Customer, please contact us and we will be able to obtain your PAC Code for you.

How long does a new SIM take to activate?

Vodafone requires 15 to 20 minutes for activation and EE and VMO2 require between two and 25 hours.

Do I need to activate my phone to use it abroad?

We don’t normally bar anyone from using their phone or device abroad. If we haven’t told you there’s a bar in place, it should be ready to use abroad.

How do I move my number to a new network?

Generally, all the networks have the same porting procedure and you can normally specify when you’d like the swap/port to take place. For more information see the PAC code questions above.

How do I unlock my phone?

For Vodafone and EE customers, please contact us to unlock your devices. For O2 customers you can request this directly from O2 customer services or directly from the O2 website

To unlock your handset, please provide us with your: mobile number, handset model and IMEI number. Contact us on 0344 846 4222.

How long is my phone under warranty?

All Apple products have a one-year manufacturer’s warranty. Samsung, HTC and all other manufacturers offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty. Huawei products have a three-year warranty. Please contact us on 0344 8464 222 for any exchange requests.

Why is my bill high?

Please check your bill for:

  • Excessive use of data
  • Roaming (abroad)
  • Calling international numbers
  • Out of bundle usage
  • 084 or 087 calls

These can all cause you to incur a high bill. For all online or general billing enquiries, please contact us.

Why is my first bill so high?

It is standard practice across all networks to charge the first two months’ bills in your first bill. This usually occurs due to most contracts being taken out in the middle of a month, and charges starting from the first of each month.

    How do I access my bills?

    You will need to register at the following links:

    iPhone FAQs

    How do I setup my new iPhone?

    Sign in with your Apple ID on a new device. Your Apple ID is the account you use to access all Apple services — and you only need one to sign into everything.

    If you use Apple services like iTunes, the App Store, Apple Music, iCloud, iMessage, and FaceTime, then you already have an Apple ID and don’t need to create a new one. For more detailed information click here.

    Why doesn’t my iPhone switch on?

    Your device might have a frozen screen that doesn’t respond when you touch it or press buttons, or maybe your device begins to turn on but gets stuck during start-up. These steps can help.

    How do I wipe my iPhone or iPad?

    You might need to enter your passcode and Apple ID password before you erase all content and settings. To wipe your iPhone or iPad, tap Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.

    Another thing to note is that if you have entered a “restrictions passcode” in the past, then it will be necessary to enter that too when prompted.

    How do I transfer data to my new iPhone?

    You need to make an iCloud backup on your old device:

    • Connect your previous device to the Internet with Wi-Fi
    • Go to Settings > iCloud > Backup
    • Make sure that iCloud Backup is turned on
    • Tap Back Up Now
    • Stay connected to Wi-Fi until the process finishes

    Then use the following steps here to transfer your iCloud/iTunes backup to your new device.

    How do I update iOS?

    You can update your Apple device to the latest version of iOS wirelessly. If you can’t see the update on your device, you can update manually using iTunes. You can update directly from your phone following these steps:

    • First click on Settings
    • Then click General
    • Then click Update
    • Then click Download/Update now

    Depending on your network connection, the time needed to update will vary.

    How to insert a SIM card into an iPhone?

    Before you can use your phone, you need to insert your SIM. Remove the SIM holder located on the right-hand side of the device:

    • Find the opener for the SIM holder. The opener is attached to the cover containing the papers that come with your phone
    • Insert the opener into the small hole in the SIM holder
    • Remove the SIM holder from
    • your phone


    Insert SIM:

    • Turn your SIM so the angled corner of the SIM matches the angled corner of the SIM holder
    • Slide the SIM holder into your phone
    How do I select a network when roaming?

    There are times when you will have to select a network manually to ensure connectivity, you can do this by:

    • Go to Settings
    • Go to Mobile Data
    • Click on the Switch that says Data Roaming
    • Click on Mobile Networks and Select a network

      Android FAQs

      What can I do to manage my mobile data usage?

      You can do a number of things to manage your mobile data usage. This is one feature that is commonly used by Android users in order to ensure they don’t exceed their data allowance. Make sure to:

      • Switch off mobile data when it isn’t being used
      • Set data caps via your mobile phone
      • Monitor data usage, based on app usage and browser usage.

      For further details, please click here.

      Why won’t my Android phone connect to WiFi?

      To connect to WiFi:


      • Press Settings
      • Press Wi-Fi
      • Turn on Wi-Fi
      • Press the indicator next to “Wi-Fi” to turn on the function
      • Connect to a Wi-Fi network
      • Press the required Wi-Fi network
      • Press password and key in the password for the Wi-Fi network
      • Press Join
      • *You can get the password from the network provider or administrator.
      • Press the Home key to return to the home screen.
      How to turn on mobile data on Android?

      You can limit your data usage when abroad by turning off data roaming.

      You’ll then not be able to access the internet using the mobile network when abroad. You can still use Wi-Fi even though data roaming is turned off. Remember, you need to turn on mobile data.

      To find “Mobile Networks”:


      • Slide your finger down the display starting from the top edge of your phone
      • Press the settings icon
      • Press Mobile networks
      • To turn data roaming on or off
      • Press Data roaming to turn the function on or off
      • If you turn on data roaming: Press OK to confirm
      How do I reboot an Android phone?

      If your phone is slow or freezes, it might help to restart it.

      Restart your phone:

      • Turn off your phone (sometimes this requires the power button to be held until it powers off)
      • Wait for 10 to 15 seconds
      • Turn on your phone again


      To boot into recovery mode, make sure that the device is powered off, then follow these instructions:


      • Hold the Volume Up key and Power button simultaneously (for Samsung Galaxy devices, hold Volume Up and Home key and Power button)
      • Hold the button combination until you see the word Start (or Android logo)
      How do I manually select a network on an Android?

      You can manually select a network when roaming. Whilst a lot of this is automated usually, it is sometimes necessary to select your network manually to ensure connectivity. You can do this by:


      • Go to Settings
      • Go to Connections
      • Go to Mobile Networks
      • Click on the switch that says “Data Roaming”
      • Click on Mobile Operators
      • Select an operator
      How do I extend the battery life of an Android phone?

      If your phone’s battery life is shorter than expected, follow this guide to solve the problem:


      • Bluetooth is turned on
        Turn off Bluetooth.
      • You have running applications
        End one or more running applications.
      • The display brightness is set too high
        Lower the brightness.
      • GPS is turned on
        Turn off GPS.
      • Mobile data is turned on
        Turn off mobile data.
      • Wi-Fi is turned on
        Turn off Wi-Fi.
      How do I use hotspot WiFi on Android?

      When you use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, you can share your phone’s internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi, learn more here.

      How do I pair a bluetooth device to my Android device?

      Bluetooth is a wireless connection which can be used to transfer files between two devices or to establish a connection to other devices, such as a wireless headset or keypad. Learn how to pair a device here.

      How to find the IMEI on a Samsung Galaxy?

      An IMEI or International Mobile Equipment Identity number is a 15 or 17-digit unique number which is used to identify mobile devices.

      You are able to find the IMEI using the following methods:

      • Go to settings:
        • Click About device
        • Click IMEI Information


      • The back of the device:
        • On modern Samsung Galaxy devices (and most Android devices) the IMEI is printed on the back of the device
      Follow the below steps to find out more about the identifiers of the device:
      • Tap Apps
      • Tap Settings
      • Tap About Device. You may need to scroll down a little
      • Tap About Device screen will show you information such as model number and Android version
      • Tap Status to find out information such as mobile number, IMEI and network
        Where do I access the portal?

        You can do this by:


        • The portal can be accessed at
        • You will be given a username and password by Crystaline
          How long does it take for changes on the VSDM console to take effect on the devices?
          • If the phone isn’t having connectivity problems, and has battery, it takes up to 20 minutes
          • Depending on the device’s internet connection, this can sometimes take longer
          What devices is VSDM Compatible with?

          VSDM is compatible with the following:


              • Android
              • iOS
              • Blackberry
              • Windows
              • Mac OSX



          Please note that level of functionality can vary from package to package.

          A device says it hasn’t synced for a period of time, what does this mean?
          • VSDM forces devices to sync periodically with the system
          • The instances where this doesn’t occur is:
              • If internet access is unavailable
              • If the phone is switched off for a period of time
              • If mobile data has run out on the network end


            How do I change my WiFi password?
            • Once logged in, navigate to Maintenance
            • Click Administration
            • Click Administrator
            • Click New Password
            • Enter your new password
            • Click Save
            How do I login to my WiFi router?
            • You will want to open your browser
            • Navigate to
            • Enter the Username: admin
            • Enter the Password: 1234
            How do I factory reset my router?
            • On the back of the router, there is a small hole with the word reset on top of it
            • Take a needle, and hold that button down for 10 seconds
            • This will restore it back to factory defaults
            Can I use my smartphone with my extension?
            • Yes, NFON provides a smartphone app dedicated to doing this
            • This is available on both Android and iOS
            If we have multiple company numbers, can we assign IDs to them to know where someone is calling from?
            • Yes, you can. Each company number can be given a unique username
            • When someone calls in on a given number, the name of the company number will show on your device
            Why does call waiting not work when a phone is part of a group?

            You can do this by:

            • The incoming calls in a group take priority in this instance
            • Call waiting will work when calling individual lines
            Can we manage our phones through a portal?
            • All changes to the phone system have to be made by us
            • NFON have not created a customer portal as of yet
            How long does it take for any changes to go through?
            • Most configurations take around 15 minutes to setup on our end
            • However, once the configurations are set up, the application is instant

            If you have any other questions or require further, more technical support, contact your account manager or get in touch with the team here.