With gyms and leisure facilities reopening their doors this week, many of us will be recommencing our fitness regimens. But, as other industries emerge from lockdown, is your business fit for a new way of working?

The future of working is flexible. Nationwide, BP and Google have all recently announced some form of flexible working, whether that’s an office-home hybrid or the opportunity to work from anywhere. Every business encountered change over the past year; living rooms have turned into home offices, staff were furloughed and communication virtually always took place, virtually.

But, as we venture back to the gyms, shops and pub gardens, we’re also facing a new normal in the office. Remote working technology enabled connectivity when physical proximity wasn’t possible, but for businesses that want to make flexible working long-term, they may need to explore a more resilient communication structure.
Having a dispersed workforce means standard connectivity won’t fit the bill. Unified communication (UC) systems integrate all communication methods, including phone, instant messaging, video conferencing and email into one platform, which can be easily accessed from multiple compatible device modes, providing they have an internet connection. UC systems enable employees to remain connected in real time, no matter where they’re located, ensuring that the lack of physical interaction does not hinder productivity.

If you’re choosing to keep employees at home long-term, you must understand that their home broadband system may not compete with the connectivity they received in the office. Businesses may also want to consider a leased line connectivity service, to deliver a dedicated internet connection from the office directly to the BT exchange, providing staff with a faster internet connection with greater bandwidth.

No matter where your business is based, keeping your teams connected will be key to moving forwards. Whether you’re looking for better connectivity as you migrate back to the office, or you need to support staff as they continue working from home, Crystaline can offer the right telecommunications solutions for your business.