Hosted Voice

Quality Communication has moved to the Cloud

Struggles in maintaining legacy networks, advances in technology, the changing demands of modern businesses and the ever-present need to save money have all compounded in recent years.

This has meant that operations have been pushed to discover new solutions that help, rather than hinder, the business’s ability to succeed. Cloud-based communication platforms, like SIP Trunking and VoIP services, have exploded in recent years as a result of this desire to find a better solution.

This guide will help you understand how your phone system may be damaging your profitability and how, by embracing new SIP and VoIP technology, you can directly benefit your business both in the short and long term.

Landlines won’t be around much longer

Whether you like it or not, change is coming. BT announced back in 2019 that the current ‘landline’ network, specifically the PSTN and ISDN networks, will be deactivated in 2025.

New connectivity technologies like Broadband and Fibre, the surge in mobile connections, as well as the cost of maintaining the network are all factors but ultimately, the network can no longer handle the sheer volume of traffic that is being sent and received.

So, by 2025 businesses MUST find a replacement if they want to be able to continue making and receiving calls, no matter what.

Our Hosted VOIP Solutions

Why change your telephone service?


You’re losing money

Businesses that still struggle with an outdated system are haemorrhaging money. Lost sales, unhappy workforce and low quality customer service all have an impact on your bottom line.

If your PBX doesn’t connect your callers first time to the right person, are you making a good first impression? No, you’re putting your profitability at risk by putting off prospects before the sale is closed.


Inflexible Working

If your staff can’t work around their home lives and how they are most productive, output drops and staff may look to work for an employer with a more flexible working policy.

Poor Service

If your phone system doesn’t deliver the audio quality and functionality that your customers expect, they will start to look elsewhere.

Cheaper Alternatives

Modern telephony solutions require less hardware and are usually priced per-user. They also save money in the long term, as calls are cheaper and line rental is a thing of the past.

Stay Competitive

Businesses are looking for partners that make collaboration easier. If your competitors are making it easier for their partners and customers to get in touch, you need to be at least matching those services to stay competitive or you risk losing customers and partnerships.

  • 89% of business leaders believe that customer experience will be their primary basis of competition.
  • 75% of customers think calling is most effective way for a quick response – but 53% are irritated if they don’t speak to a real person immediately.

What has changed?



Updates are sent out automatically to ensure your devices always remain as secure as possible.


With less hardware required, lower cost calling and simple per-user pricing, you could save up to 25%, compared to a legacy system.


Enable your staff to be contactable wherever they may be – office, home or travelling – from just one phone number.


Only pay for the lines you need. Add and subtract extensions with only a few clicks and manage the system from anywhere with a connection.


Get rid of bulky, complicated hardware for easier operations. Budgeting for staff and operation costs is much easier too.