Your business can benefit from Vodafone’s 5G now
Are you wondering what 5G really is? It is set to become an integral part of the world and the way we live. 5G is not simply the next generation of mobile connectivity; its potential exceeds previous generations by far. It is now rapidly rolling out in the UK, giving all industries the ability to transform in unimaginable ways. 5G is a game-changer and every business, big or small, can benefit from its various advantages – yours, too.

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How can your business benefit from 5G?
Gain a strong competitive edge
5G can improve productivity, responsiveness and competitiveness. Stay ahead of competition and never miss a beat due to low latency. No more slow network speeds, insufficient bandwidth or peak-traffic bottlenecks.

Help your employees be more productive
With 5G, every aspect of your operations can move faster. With blink-of-an-eye downloads, your employees will be able to get files and keep working without interruption, share entire media-rich projects on their phones and stream videos without buffering.
Provide better customer service

5G’s low latency translates as business without disruption, allowing you to collaborate in real-time with your customers and react to requests instantly. 5G also means clearer calls with less background noise and better video conferencing. Engaging with your customers will become as easy and natural as face-to-face.

Make remote working work for your business
In the near future, 5G will offer faster speeds than you’ve experienced on the move before. You’ll be able to instantly respond to anyone, anywhere – whether you’re at home, the airport or on the go. AR and VR technologies will take advantage of 5G’s added bandwidth and make remote-meeting participants feel as if they’re in the same room, making presentations more engaging.
Make the best use of your biggest asset

Network slicing is how enterprise customers will be able to squeeze every drop of value out of 5G. It’s a way of dividing a single physical network connection into separate virtual ‘slices’ for specific services or channels. This means you could be able to request network characteristics you need for your specific use case.

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Growing number of 5G locations
Vodafone now has 5G in a total of 250 places, 57 locations in the UK and 193 locations across the rest of the EU. Stream seamlessly, download faster and leave lag behind with Vodafone’s 5G.
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