What is the Internet of Things?

IoT technologies make it possible to connect assets of all kinds — everything from industrial machinery to heart monitors, streetlights to cars. These assets are equipped with sensors that monitor their environment, and with a network connection so they can communicate. Businesses can use IoT to gather data about what’s happening in their operations in real time, supporting decision making.

Your path to the connected business

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming every industry. From smart thermostats helping utilities companies offer better value to connected cars enabling manufacturers to offer new services, many businesses are already benefitting from IoT — and we’re only just beginning to understand its full potential.

Welcome to the world of IoT

Whatever sector you’re in, your business can benefit — in all kinds of ways. Connecting your products or the assets around your operations can help you generate new revenue streams, build closer relationships with your customers, cut costs, improve safety, reduce downtime, improve sustainability, and make better decisions every minute of every day. Businesses around the world are recognising the potential that IoT offers them. In fact, 85% of companies we spoke to agreed IoT will be “critical” for the future success of any organisation in their sector.

But if you’re just beginning to explore the fast-moving world of IoT, what’s the first step?

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