What is the Internet of Things?

‘Connected Machines’, ‘Communicating Devices’, ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’… however you like to think of the Internet of Things; one thing’s for sure, it’s not going anywhere fast.

With the number of IoT devices souring by a huge 31% year on year, to 8.4 billion in 2017* and with the number of devices increasing to an estimated 75 billion by 2020**; it’s little wonder more and more homeowners and businesses alike are turning to IoT in search of an easier life, elevated productivity, cost savings and many more benefits.

IoT incorporates everything that’s connected to the internet. It is the concept of enabling devices and gadgets around the home, or within the workplace to talk to one another and exchange data with the help of embedded sensors, software and connectivity. Smart devices, AI and robots all contribute to IoT systems. IoT has revolutionised the way we connect to the internet, allowing an always-on connection.


From bike locks and trackers to SIM cards in Gardening machinery; IoT is not only changing the way we live, but it’s changing the way we work and at low upfront costs. Imagine driving to work and your phone is able to detect where you are in your journey and turns on your heating before you arrive. Or perhaps you’re a Garden Centre and you’d like to reduce your business’s water consumption; in which instance you would turn to the intelligence of smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers.

One main benefit of IoT to the SME is the cost saving. Smart meters are a fantastic tool in controlling your business’s energy usage, for instance. Another example would be cameras that operate in real-time, therefore eliminating the expense of reception staff or security guard.

One huge benefit of SMEs is their nimble and flexible nature. As SME owners, it’s important to take advantage of the tools and resources available, in order to maintain the business’s adaptability. There are now various devices on the market that can help with this. For instance, there are now tools that measure a business’s staff work more collaboratively, on the move. Although these advancements are being harnessed by larger corporations, the benefits to SMEs are also huge.

If IoT is a tool that you think would help elevate your business’s productivity and flexibility, while saving you time and money, do get in touch with the Crystaline experts who’ll be able to take you through the various IoT solutions we offer, 0344 846 4222.