Why is Mobile Device Management so Important?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is important as it is an efficient method of ensuring that your business’ data remains safe. To successfully implement MDM it is crucial that you have the necessary platform to deploy, monitor and secure your devices as it’s these devices that hold your valuable data. Crystaline provides solutions that enable complete visibility and control over every employee device that connects to your systems or has business data on it.

Threats to mobiles and mobile devices are increasing as we all adopt more devices in our working day and increasingly rely on mobiles to store and present data when we are on the move.

Here are some concerns that your peers are voicing:

  • 76% of businesses believe that data security and compliance are a big risk
  • 46% of CIOs believe security measure costs are rising
  • 58% of businesses believe cyber-attacks are a significant issue


‘What MDM services will help me?’

A robust, reliable MDM offering includes many features that will give you peace of mind that you are protecting your company data and have set processes in place for if your devices are lost or stolen.

Here are some of the MDM services you should be thinking about:

  • secure email access
  • device encryption
  • ability to block stolen or lost phones
  • ability to remotely wipe stolen or lost devices
  • agnostic security solutions
  • predictable costs and low CapEx
  • flexibility to change services as your risk levels change


We currently offer the following solutions:

Think about the GDPR Implications of Mobile Device Management

With new data laws and the increased need for online security, mobile device management is more important than ever. You are responsible for your business’ mobile devices and the data on them. If a PC or laptop was stolen, you would immediately think of the GDPR data implications, but you don’t necessarily have the same reactions if a phone is lost. Yet GDPR stipulates that you must have effective measures in place to protect data regardless of what device it’s on. Crystaline’s MDM platform never sleeps and constantly verifies device integrity to detect tampering and threats in real-time. That’s why many companies are turning to us for advice.

How can you pre-empt data security breaches?

It is important to have an MDM platform in place, however, there are some good practices your team can follow to further protect your devices. For example;

  1. Ensure devices are password protected
  2. Remove data that is not required to be on the device
  3. Monitor the data used through applications
  4. Keep your personal and business use separate

Crystaline can help ensure your business has a platform in place to keep your devices secure. From just a few pounds per connection you can get the peace of mind that you are doing the right thing!

If you are concerned about your business’ mobile device management, speak to a member of our expert team. Contact us on 0344 846 4222 or email us at info@wearecrystaline.co.uk