Switching your business comms system, or due an upgrade? When moving to a new unified communications solution, businesses have two options — to host services on-site, or in the cloud. But what are these options, and what’s the difference?

Onsite UC

🔥 Managed on premise for control of the system

🔥 Able to build bespoke to fit specific business needs

🔥 Increased security with no sharing of resources

🔥 Reduced reliance on internet connection

💧 Larger upfront cost

💧 Possible need for extra staff to manage infrastructure

In the cloud UC

🔥 Lack of physical hardware for grater scalability

🔥 Add new lines at the click of a button

🔥 Purchase on a per-user basis to save costs

🔥 Easy remote access and multi-device login

💧 Potentially less secure

Deciding between an on-site or hosted UC solution can be tricky. But it’s possible to find the setup that offers the best of both worlds to your business — balancing flexibility and cost with security and quality.