Modern logistics cannot thrive without the support of mobile communications. Online grocery orders doubled in number last year, while online shopping sales surged by 129 per cent last spring — with growth yet to slow down.

Accuracy and visibility are the core requirements for success, and innovative mobile solutions are taking logistics management into a new era. But not all devices are fit for today’s fast-paced transport and logistics sector, so let’s look at some of the key requirements:

Form factor – It’s important to choose the right device for the task at hand. Warehouse pickers and packers, for example, spend lots of time on their feet so a lightweight, handheld option like Samsung’s Galaxy XCover Pro is ideal. A shift supervisor may benefit from the ease-of-use and clear visuals of a tablet device, to help them keep track of several tasks at once.

Rugged operations – Warehouses, depots and delivery vans can be precarious places for mobile devices. Dust, debris and bumps in the road can risk damage to equipment, so your devices must be rugged enough to withstand impact. Make sure any device you choose has been tested against MIL-STD-810 standards to validate its durability.

Flexibility – In today’s transport and logistics roles, workers are constantly switching between tasks, solving problems and contacting multiple people at once. This creates a demand for a flexible mobile solution that allows them to use multiple applications at the same time, without lag or delay. Android devices tend to be easier to use and more affordable, providing a platform to help build business operations.

Picking the right mobile solution goes beyond device selection. To keep their supply chain visible and efficient, transport and logistics companies must also consider the correct mobile and telephony solutions for their business. Whether that involves hosted Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) packages, enhanced connectivity or the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), a relationship with an experienced, trusted business communications partner will help you deliver results.

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