From landlines to hosted VoIP solutions, we provide the best business voice services for your business.

Our family of business voice services and products ensure that we can design, deliver and support the right solution to meet your business requirements.

From standard line rental with unbeatable call tariffs, to fully featured Hosted VoIP solutions, Crystaline simplify the technical jargon and provide the right solution for your business.

The emergence of IP-based telephony, along with cloud (hosted) technologies and Unified Communications, presents new opportunities to upgrade legacy systems and develop the effectiveness and efficiency of your voice services. You’ll save money with increased productivity.

Our Hosted VOIP Solutions

Voice FAQs

What is VOIP?

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol – in essence phone calls are run through an internet connection rather than the old analogue or digital (ISDN) network.

Why should I consider VOIP?

The existing ISDN infrastructure will no longer be supported by BT, in the near future and will be replaced by VOIP moving forward. Speak to one of the team to find out your options, businesses need to be thinking about what they need in the next couple of years now!

What does it cost?

Hosted VOIP telephony works on a per user license arrangement, so it is determined by the numbers of extensions you need and locations. Different tariffs are available that either include all domestic calls or have a call rate card. We would analyse your usage and make recommendations.

Connectivity FAQs

What is a Leased Line?

This is a dedicated internet connection from your business/ office directly to the BT exchange, this means you have a faster internet connection with greater bandwidth.

What is the difference between Broadband and a Leased Line?

A Broadband connection is the same service as your home broadband, it’s service is contended with all other businesses in your location and can cost between £30 and £50 per month, a leased line is your very own un-contended internet connection, cost is determined by the bandwidth options available at the location.

Which connection is right for my business?
  • SoHo – Broadband connections are still great solutions for small businesses, home offices and start-ups, given their minimal cost.
  • SME – Depending on the number of staff and budget, a fibre-based connection would likely be most beneficial while still providing exceptional value for money.
  • Enterprise – Without performing a detailed technology and operational audit, it would be hard to advise one particular solution. But private connections are most suited to large businesses that rely on their connectivity for their day-to-day operations.


Why does your business need better connectivity?

Current business-specific ADSL broadband may not be fast or robust enough to facilitate the multiple services that your business needs to access reliably via its internet connection. Our products cater for every budget and business need – from ADSL Broadband through to Fibre Ethernet Leased lines. We work with all of the major network operators in the UK to ensure that we can deliver you the right connectivity at the right price.

Our Converged Connectivity products allow you to consolidate legacy Telecoms services over Data connections with guaranteed bandwidth for voice and video. Our managed router and Firewall services allow us to provide you with secure Internet access and other services like Office WiFi, as well as providing us remote diagnostics for troubleshooting if issues arise. All of our Connectivity services can be designed in a resilient setup, ensuring that Internet access is available when you need it.

The 5 key features of Connectivity



Price is important for any business, but the initial cost isn’t always the best indicator. Think of the TCO across the foreseeable future; investing in a scalable solution proves more cost-efficient in the long term.


The faster your connection, the more your team can juggle at once. Bandwidth-reliant video calling and collaboration services will be affected if your service is too slow, plus you’ll notice that loading wheel far more often.


This is especially important for businesses with dispersed sites or global operations, as lower latency means less jitter on video calls and smoother, faster collaboration.


Businesses depend on their connectivity and an outage can mean lost revenue. Our disaster recovery services minimise any disruption to day-to-day operations.


We offer managed routers and firewall services with all of our connectivity products for added peace of mind.


Discover the money saving business mobile phone plans delivered by the Crystaline team of experts. With the unprecedented development of smartphones, tablets and phablets, mobile working has seen radical growth and will only grow further. Businesses are looking for and being challenged to use more flexible working environments. Whether we like it or not, our hunger for connectivity has become a necessity.

Enable your business with a strong mobile strategy, supported by the best tools, giving your people the freedom to work flexibly from anywhere. Your staff can keep in contact with the office; respond to emails, review websites and important documents while on the move, so business never stops.

Combine this with your Unified Communications strategy, including all your fixed and mobile telecoms on one network, and you open up your business to the wealth of opportunities that collaboration brings. Businesses are finding that by adopting mobile solutions in their Unified Communications strategy, they can work smarter, faster and happier.

Crystaline have proven time and time again that they have the ability to create and develop innovative, dependable mobile solutions for our clients. The important word here is YOU. We will review whatever YOUR business needs, however YOU want to do it and the right solution will be provided.

We start with a FREE bill analysis.

We’ll analyse your current usage and find the tariff which best suits you. Then we’ll review the best networks to keep your business connected.

We offer a wide range of business mobile services, all backed by The Crystaline Service Promise.

Mobile FAQs

What about 5G?

Currently 5G is only available in a limited no. of locations, so we would advise evaluating your current and future usage and locales to inform what tariffs and networks to consider.

Which is the best network?

Depends on what you are looking for, good data coverage, international calls, best roaming package etc? It is dependent on what and how you use your mobiles. We would analyse requirements and outline some options.

What if I don’t want a device?

SIM only tariffs are available, these can dramatically reduce your monthly line rental costs whilst providing the same quality service.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) incorporate everything that’s connected to the internet, it is the concept of enabling devices and gadgets around the home, or within the workplace to talk to one another. Smart devices, AI and robots all contribute to IoT systems. IoT has revolutionised the way we connect to the internet, allowing an always-on connection.

From bike locks and trackers to SIM cards in Gardening machinery; IoT is not only changing the way we live, but it’s changing the way we work. Imagine driving to work and your phone is able to detect where you are in your journey and turns on your heating before you arrive. Or perhaps you want to reduce your water consumption; in which instance you would turn to the intelligence of smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers.

In the workplace specifically, IoT can be effective in cutting costs and driving efficiencies by making objects and devices more intelligent. In allowing more intelligent systems into your business, you could see your staff happier; think vending machines that ask to be refilled as soon as they need to be, or desks that warn you when you’ve been sitting down for too long.

A consequence of a happier team is that they will work far more effectively. On top of this, your business will be able to offer an even more elevated customer service which will encourage trust, credibility and loyal customers.

Internet of Things (IoT) FAQs

Who would use IoT?

IoT technology is transforming a wide range of industries. Retailers are using it to delight their customers; with smart shelves, interactive digital displays and highly personalised marketing. In healthcare, it’s helping clinicians deliver better care to individuals and improve their wellbeing—with medication alerts, real-time ambulance tracking, heart monitoring devices and so much more. And in industries like manufacturing, it’s helping increase productivity, while improving safety, reducing costs and protecting the environment.

Whatever industry you’re in, the potential benefits of IoT are immense. Leverage our expertise and experience in your sector to accelerate and de-risk your IoT initiatives.

What is Industrial equipment monitoring?

Industrial equipment monitoring uses a network of connected sensors – either native to a piece of equipment or retrofitted – to inform owners/operators of a machine’s output, component conditions, need for service or impending failure. Industrial equipment monitoring is an IoT solution which can utilise an IoT platform to unify disparate data and enable decision makers to respond to real-time data.

What is Edge computing?

Edge computing is a method which enables devices to process data at or near where it is collected instead of sending it to a data centre or to the cloud. Edge computing is used to achieve local optimised control, operate in spite of intermittent connectivity or immediately filter data, sending only what is necessary to the cloud.


What Our Customers Say

“We have known Crystaline for a few years now and they are a great company to deal with, nothing is too much trouble when asking for help with our mobile phones or upgrades, response times are excellent. We would never want to change to another provider. We thoroughly recommend Crystaline for all your mobile needs. They will not disappoint.”

Diamond Global

Industry: Logistics

“We have had many different communication specialists over time, and have usually found them to be very good in the sales phase and not so much in the customer service part, Crystaline however have been consistently good throughout in handling any queries, and looking after our account – we are very satisfied customers.”

Industry: Horticulture

“The team at Crystaline have always been incredibly helpful and completely knowledgeable. They have always provided practical cost effective solutions to all of our IT and telecoms issues and they are always contactable to discuss projects.”
Hodders Law

Industry: Legal

“Crystaline have made a significant financial saving on our phone bills and save us time, as we are never kept on hold and all issues and queries are dealt with immediately. The service is personalised and flexible to our changing needs. Their considerable industry knowledge and experience have helped us greatly.”

Industry: Manufacturing

“We’ve been dealing with Crystaline for several years now and find them the ideal telecoms partner for our business. The back-up team in the office are always quick to respond to issues and where we need to discuss changes to our telecom requirements the sales team talk us through all the options available and offer bespoke advice tailored to our needs. Our contract is imminently up for renewal again and we see no reason why our partnership with them will not continue.”
Select Music

Industry: Retail

“We have worked with Crystaline for the last year and every time I have needed any assistance the service has been excellent. All the staff are really polite and helpful and best part of it is that you get a straightforward answer quickly. The ease of getting hold of someone, support and general use of the systems they have given us access to has been flawless!”
Chas West

Industry: Construction

“JRM’s leased lines and mobile phones are looked after by Crystaline. With our leased lines on the rare occasions when things have gone wrong we have more than often been contacted by Crystaline to make us aware that a problem exists and support has been very proactive and we are always kept informed with progress. With our mobile phones we have always had an excellent account service from them and I am more than happy to recommend them.”


Industry: Engineering/Racing

“I can’t recommend Crystaline enough, over the past 4 years they have always been there for our mobile telecommunication needs. Whether it be assisting with individual connectivity problems or helping with billing issues, their response time is always good. They care about their customers.””

Industry: Technology