Business broadband and connectivity services

Business broadband and connectivity services

Your current business-specific asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) broadband may not be fast or robust enough to facilitate the multiple services that your business needs to access reliably via its internet connection.

Crystaline’s range of connectivity services cater for every budget and business need — from ADSL broadband through to business ethernet leased lines. We work with all of the major network operators in the UK to ensure that we can deliver the right connectivity at the right price.

Does your business need a new broadband service?

If your business is expanding, your team works from home part-time, or if staff are now completely remote, your current broadband package may no longer fit your needs.

The bandwidths supplied by a standard broadband package may be affected by peak usage and, while connections are incredibly cost effective for small businesses and start-ups, broadband is generally not recommended for businesses with more than five members of staff. Approximately 96 per cent of the UK now has fibre business broadband services available. With that in mind, business should consider:

  • Fibre to the cabinet (FTTC) — a budget-friendly fibre option that uses low-bandwidth copper lines between your site and your closest cabinet
  • Fibre to the premise (FTTP) — runs a fibre cable all the way to your site, meaning you can take advantage of faster speeds and lower latency compared to FTTC
  • Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) — broadband provided without a phoneline, SOGEA is delivered over both fibre optic cables and copper whereas FTTP is completely provided over fibre cables. FTTP can achieve speeds of up to one Gbps download, whereas SOGEA can only offer up to 80Mbps

Business leased lines from Crystaline


A business ethernet leased line offers a direct point-to-point connection between your business and its internet provider. This means you are the sole user of that line, giving increased reliability that is backed up with a service level agreement to guarantee a fix for issues within a specific timeframe. Ultimately, having a leased line is ideal for any business that cannot afford fluctuations in connectivity.

Using a leased line also means:

  • Better security — the line is yours and only yours
  • Better throughput — no delays with data being slowed down by heavy traffic on the network
  • Better service — 100 per cent of the bandwidth is paid for and all yours

How to select the best connectivity service for your business


You’ll need to think about:


Price is important for any business, but the initial cost of a broadband package or leased line isn’t always the best indicator. Think of the total cost of ownership for the foreseeable future; investing in a scalable solution proves more cost-efficient in the long term.


The faster your connection, the more your team can juggle at once. Bandwidth-reliant video calling and collaboration services will be affected if your service is too slow, so opting for a high speed option is worth considering..


This is especially important for businesses with dispersed sites or global operations, as lower latency means less jitter on video calls and smoother, faster collaboration.


Businesses depend on their connectivity and an outage can mean lost revenue. Our disaster recovery services minimise any disruption to day-to-day operations.


Crystaline offers managed routers and firewall services with all of our connectivity products for added peace of mind.



Business connectivity solutions from Crystaline

Crystaline offers a range of business connectivity products, suited to small and large business alike. Whether you need superfast full fibre business broadband or would rather opt for an ethernet leased line, the team will work with you to recommend the best solution to suit your requirements.

The team works with a range of connectivity partners to meet your needs.


Interested in hearing more? Contact our team for independent advice.