5G routers for businesses

5G routers for business broadband from Crystaline

As In the fast-paced world of modern business, staying connected is a necessity. 5G routers revolutionise the way businesses can access the internet, by providing instant, superfast connections to any-where.

What are 5G routers?


5G routers use 5G technology to provide businesses with lightning-fast internet speeds and a reliable connection, when it makes no commercial or infrastructural sense to install a permanent business broadband connection.

It is a type of mobile broadband, which uses a 5G SIM card to con-nect to the internet, instead of fixed broadband connections.

What are the benefits of 5G routers for businesses?


  • Greater accessibility — full fibre broadband isn’t available everywhere, so for those that fall outside of the fibre coverage map, it doesn’t have to mean slow internet. Anywhere that is covered by 5G can benefit from a 5G router’s speed.


  • Superfast speeds — 5G routers use 5G technology, meaning they offer internet speeds that are up to ten times faster than 4G and comparable with fixed line broadband connections.



  • Location flexibility — 5G routers will work anywhere with an electricity supply and within the 5G coverage map, meaning businesses can take connectivity with them, perfect for businesses on the go.

Which businesses could benefit from a 5G router?

5G routers are ideal for businesses that demand top-tier connectivity but don’t suit the fixed line broadband services available. For example:


  • Retail — for temporary retail settings, like pop-up shops, 5G routers provide a reliable, instant internet connection to support payment systems and other digital tools.
  • Construction sites — For long-term construction projects, having internet access on site is essential. 5G routers provide a reliable internet solution that can be set up in an instant and moved as and when required, without requiring any other telecoms infrastructure.
  • On-the-go workplaces — For mobile businesses, from food trucks to consultancy firms, 5G routers ensure you’re always connected, no matter where business takes you.

5G routers versus business broadband

While traditional business broadband has its merits, 5G routers offer a host of advantages that make them a great choice:


  • Unmatched mobility — 5G routers aren’t tied to a physical location, making them perfect for businesses on the move.
  • Speedy setup — Skip the lengthy setup process of wired connections. With 5G routers, you’re up and running in an instant
  • Greater reach — 5G technology ensures a reliable connection even in areas where wired broadband might be limited or unavailable.

    5G routers from Crystaline

    Crystaline offers the TCL LinkHub 5G HH515 — a 5G router that enables businesses to connect in both standalone and non-standalone modes, with low latency and huge bandwidth capacities to handle all your connectivity needs. It offers 5G Sub-6 GHz of up to 4.67 Gbps.

    Its portability means that it can be taken from site to site for an on-the-go connectivity solution, so users can connect with as good a quality as if they were at home. As many as 256 devices can connect to one router, meaning whole teams can access a lightning-fast 5G network simultaneously.

    It also comes with a ‘Guest Wi-Fi’ function, which can help improve cybersecurity by separating visitor connections from employees, and you can use the TCL Connect mobile app for additional functionalities, allowing for any changes and upgrades to be carried out remotely.

    Unsure if a 5G router is the right way to go for your business? Contact our team for more information or to discuss your individual requirements in more detail.

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