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Business fibre to the premise (FTTP), or full fibre business broadband, is a futureproofed, fast and reliable broadband choice. It’s particularly valuable for businesses thanks to the high-quality service it offers.

What is business FTTP?

Business FTTP uses fibre optic cables to connect individual businesses or premises back to the national network. It’s the latest innovation in business broadband, following on from its predecessors — ADSL broadband and FTTC.

FTTP is a recent innovation, and is not available everywhere just yet, since the network operators need to install the fibre infrastructure. But fortunately, the UK government has pledged for full fibre connectivity to be available nationwide by 2030.

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What are the benefits of full fibre?

Ultrafast speeds

Business FTTP is the fastest broadband connection available. As standard it can support 1,000 megabits, or one gigabit per second per connection. That is around ten times faster than the average home broadband connection’s upload and download speeds. This is crucial for businesses with lots of video calls and a reliance on internet connection to maintain operations.


Reliable quality

Business FTTP allows up to 100 devices to be connected without experiencing slowdown, which is perfect for offices or facilities with several devices that are online simultaneously. Now that remote working means the internet is an indispensable working tool, this reliability has become a business essential.

    Futureproofed choice

    While the national full fibre network doesn’t support internet speeds above one gigabit at the moment, this will change in the future. Many FTTP providers have built their network to support up to 10 gigabit per second speeds without significant changes to infrastructure, meaning your business connection is prepared for faster speeds from the get-go.


    Supports cloud adoption

    An increasing number of crucial business tools are exclusively available through the cloud, including software as a service solutions to support sales teams, provide file storage or allow access to a customer relationship management (CRM) platform. With cloud adoption comes a greater requirement for a reliable internet connection to perform business functions. Full fibre gives you the peace of mind that you’ll be able to utilise several cloud solutions simultaneously without connectivity issues.

    The impact of the PSTN switch off

    Full fibre broadband isn’t just a better choice for businesses that want a broadband connection, after 2027 it will become one of the only options. The PSTN switch off will see the retirement of the UK’s copper network, which forms part of the system that enables ADSL and FTTC connections as well as traditional phone lines.

    As the FTTP rollout is still underway, full fibre broadband isn’t available to every business in the UK yet. But that doesn’t mean that businesses have to make do with lower quality broadband services. There are alternatives available that are switch off ready too. Learn about our other switch off ready connectivity options.

    You can learn more about the PSTN switch off and its implications for businesses over on our content hub.

    Full fibre business broadband from Crystaline

    Crystaline is an independent provider of FTTP solutions for businesses across the UK. In partnership major broadband providers — BT, Vodafone, Virgin and TalkTalk — Crystaline’s network independence ensures that its customers achieve the most suitable, cost-effective FTTP broadband package for your small business broadband needs.

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