Business ethernet leased lines

Connectivity isn’t just about internet access. A direct, private point to point connection between your business and service provider ensures you are the only user, gives a far higher level of reliability and control, backed up with a Service Level Agreement that guarantees a fix for issues within a specific timeframe.

Ethernet leased lines are perfect for businesses that rely on high speed connections thanks to uncontested, guaranteed and symmetrical upload and download bandwidth.

How does an ethernet leased line work?

An ethernet leased line uses the same technology as fibre broadband. However, the connection is leased to a business from the internet service provider (ISP), making the connection unique to that location, rather than shared with other users.

In addition, because an ethernet leased line offers connectivity specifically for the business in question, it brings many speed and reliability benefits that cannot be guaranteed through fibre broadband alone. If your business is particularly data-hungry, or if you’ve found unstable connectivity to be an issue for your premises, an ethernet leased line is a wise choice.



Why use an ethernet leased line?

Workplace experience
Video conferencing, collaboration tools and SaaS applications all require robust connectivity to perform optimally and prevent headaches for the workforce, which a leased line provides.

Customer experience
If your business relies on internet access to join customers with your products, then a robust leased line service that guarantees 24/7 operation is critical.

Leased lines use an uncontended network, which means no one else has access, besides your business. This ensures a reliable, high speed connection, which won’t be slowed down by other users.

While no type of connectivity is completely secure, an ethernet leased line is more secure than other options because the connection is private and not shared.


Better infrastructure means that flexible working strategies are now far more effective than ever before. For instance, if your business has multiple locations and remote workers, then a leased line with greater bandwidth is ideal.


The benefits of an ethernet leased line



Not having to share connections with others is a definite plus point in terms of network security.


Better Throughput

No delays with data being slowed by heavy traffic on the network.


Only purchase the data and speed needed with the option to upgrade when business requirements grow.


A Service Level Agreement covers the standards that should be expected at all times from the service.


Customer Service

As connectivity is obviously important to the business, the customer’s network provider will prioritise support and repairs.



Broadband connections are still great solutions for small businesses, home offices and start-ups, given their minimal cost.

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