MPLS network

Does your business need an MPLS network?

If you need private connectivity between your sites, a multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) solution can meet your requirements. Our solutions include a choice of access technology from business broadband to leased lines.

What is it?

MPLS has powered business private networks for decades. Unlike network protocols that route traffic based on source and destination address, MPLS routes traffic based on predetermined labels.

This means businesses can use MPLS to connect remote branch offices that need access to data from elsewhere in the company, such as its data centre or headquarters. It’s a more scalable solution to traditional IP routing, and can often provide better bandwidth.

MPLS connection

Not all businesses operate from just one site. If your company boasts remote workers, a central headquarters and multiple locations, our private MPLS wide area network (WAN) solution can link everyone onto a high speed and reliable MPLS core.

Over the years, we have nurtured long-term and trusted relationships with all the major UK service providers. This means we can build a private network solution using a wide range of access circuits.

Private MPLS

Our business-grade virtual private network solution is built on our own resilient and secure core network to ensure it can keep up with the demands of your business. With the option of both broadband and Ethernet solutions to give you flexibility in the design and quality of service helps to deliver superior performance.

Plus, you can keep one eye on your network connectivity whenever you need to, with statistics, email updates and online monitoring views via the dashboard tool. Support is available 24/7 in a package that suits you.

Added benefits of a MPLS solution

  • Total control over the configuration and 100 per cent confidence in performance
  • Key priorities of bandwidth, latency, resilience and security
  • Private SD WAN meaning there’s no requirement for a VPN
  • Enables private connection to public internet
  • Traffic prioritisation for speed and performance converging voice, data, video and applications based on what’s required
  • Managed Cisco and Juniper routers and multiple IP network addresses
  • Managed centralised internet breakout for secure internet access across multiple sites

If you wish to discuss your requirements for an MPLS solution, contact our expert team.