Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT explained

The Internet of Things (IoT) incorporate everything that’s connected to the internet, it is the concept of enabling devices and gadgets around the home, or within the workplace to talk to one another. Smart devices, AI and robots all contribute to IoT systems. IoT has revolutionised the way we connect to the internet, allowing an always-on connection.

From bike locks and trackers to SIM cards in Gardening machinery; IoT is not only changing the way we live, but it’s changing the way we work. Imagine driving to work and your phone is able to detect where you are in your journey and turns on your heating before you arrive. Or perhaps you want to reduce your water consumption; in which instance you would turn to the intelligence of smart sprinklers and irrigation controllers.

Elevate your business with IoT

In the workplace specifically, IoT can be effective in cutting costs and driving efficiencies by making objects and devices more intelligent. In allowing more intelligent systems into your business, you could see your staff happier; think vending machines that ask to be refilled as soon as they need to be, or desks that warn you when you’ve been sitting down for too long.

A consequence of a happier team is that they will work far more effectively. On top of this, your business will be able to offer an even more elevated customer service which will encourage trust, credibility and loyal customers.

Crystaline will be able to deploy Vodafone’s market-leading global IoT managed connectivity, platform and services, enabling more businesses to take advantage of IoT solutions within their organisations. We are also developing our own IoT services, underpinned by Vodafone’s IoT connectivity and global platform, which allows for central visibility and control of connected devices anywhere within Vodafone’s global footprint.

Some of the products and services we can offer:

Some examples of where Crystaline are able to help you and your business.

Thermal Camera with Heat Detection

Thermal Camera with Heat Detection, COVID-19 Testing – some images are also provided below.

Our Heat Detection Camera Solution can help to reduce the risk to people on your premises by screening for raised body temperatures as staff and customers enter a work environment. Also, within retail enabling you to protect both your customers and staff by screening the body temperature of crowds of people at a point of entry. This can also be deployed in hospitals, events, Office environments and many other places where people are to gather.

Construction and Rental

Construction often experiences problems with project timescales, budgets and is sometimes behind the curve when it comes to change.

IoT allows companies to tackle this problem head on helping track assets as the move, ensuring that they never get lost or stolen. Sensors can enable machinery to detect and communicate maintenance requirements, send automated alerts for preventive maintenance, compile usage and maintenance data, and increase efficiency by remotely monitoring fuel consumption.


The next generation of supply chain management, also known as logistics 4.0. Will be influenced by edge computing and IoT to generate real-time automated, sense-and-respond feedback mechanisms and systems.

It will also place cybersecurity and the safe handling of data at a premium to ensure safety and compliance. Every step in the production and transit process presents challenges that can make or break a supply chain & IoT is helping answer these challenges.