Business mobiles and phone contracts from Crystaline

Business mobiles and phone contracts from Crystaline 

With the unprecedented development of mobile technology, the latest mobile devices and plans have become a tech essential for businesses of all sizes. Flexible working is now a common working practice, and the need for instant connectivity while on the move has become an absolute necessity for business.

Developing a strong mobile strategy empowers businesses to work from anywhere — the office, at home, or on the go.

When combined with other communication technology as part of a unified communication strategy — including all fixed and mobile telecoms on one network — your business can tap into the opportunity that streamlined collaboration brings, allowing employees to work faster, smarter and happier.

 Why incorporate business mobiles into your comms set up?

There are several reasons why equipping your team with business mobiles is beneficial:

  • Compatibility — take control of the hardware you employees use to best align with the rest of your comms set up. All employees have the same software and features for continuity and efficiency
  • Cost savings — rather than reimbursing workers for business use of a personal phone, establishing a business account under one provider with multiple plans is often considerably more cost effective. With competition rife among mobile providers, there’s typically a deal to be had!
  • Better work-life balance — separating personal phones and business stops work notifications from alerting employees out of office hours helping to maintain work life balance
  • Accessibility — for employees working on the go or on a non-standard schedule, a business mobile phone ensures that key personnel stay connected 24/7 to deal with issues, queries and manage key aspects of the business
  • Supports remote working — Now that remote working has become a common practice in many people’s working week, it’s important that employees are able to communicate and collaborate internally and externally as effectively remotely as they would in person

5G business mobile phones and plans

While the 5G rollout is only available in certain locations across the UK, its reach is growing. At Crystaline, we would typically evaluate your business’ current and potential future usage, and its location, to advise customers on what tariffs and networks to consider.

Learn more about 5G for business here.

If 5G coverage isn’t available in your area yet, there are still plenty of business tariffs available. Whether you’re looking for an unlimited data allowance, low-cost international calls or a roaming package, there are options available. Get in touch with our team here.

Business handsets and accessories

As well as business mobile plans and SIM-only deals, you may wish to also consider handsets and accessories. Crystaline partners with all major mobile manufacturers to offer its customers a range of handsets. In addition, there’s also a range of accessories available to protect devices that are used in a non-office environment — like a warehouse, factory or at a construction site.

Mobile device management

For businesses looking to add an extra layer of security to their mobile strategy, mobile device management (MDM) software is a beneficial add-on. MDM software involves monitoring, managing and securing mobile devices, to ensure software remains up to date and information stored on the devices is secure.

Business mobile solutions from Crystaline

Crystaline has a proven track record working with our customers to develop bespoke mobile solutions for large and small business customers across the UK.

Our team of experts will complete an analysis of your current phone bills free of charge to determine the suitability of your tariff. Then, the team can review alternative tariffs and mobile network options to provide the best business phone contracts and handsets for your business. All of our services are backed by our service level agreement — the Crystaline Service Promise.

Learn more about our:

Audit and consultancy

If you’re interested in a free bill analysis, or would like some independent, expert advice on the mobile strategy for your business to help you save money, contact our team here.