Business mobiles

Business mobiles from Crystaline

As well as business mobile plans, Crystaline offers a range of handsets from several major mobile phone providers. Our partnerships include all leading handset manufacturers including Apple, Samsung, Google, Sony and Motorola. 

These partnerships give us priority on new product launches, ensuring our customers gain access to the latest upgrades as they’re released.

Should you require a handset with a more technical or specialist specification, we are able to source alternative handsets on an ad-hoc basis. Our team of experts is on hand to advise on the best model to suit your requirements. 

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5G handsets


The 5G rollout is well underway across the UK, with availability becoming more and more widespread. Whether your business is located in an area already covered by 5G, or you’d like to futureproof your handsets for when coverage is rolled out, it’s crucial to select models that are 5G-ready.

Business mobile phone repairs


We also offer a range of mobile phone repair services for existing handsets.

Some of the key repairs we cover include:

  • Screen repairs
  • Battery replacement
  • Camera repairs
  • Software issues

If you require a quote, please contact us directly.

Business mobile phone insurance

Whether your business just has a few handsets or hundreds, gadget insurance cover is something all businesses should consider. Covering accidental damage, breakdowns and if your phones are lost or stolen, business phone insurance is an essential investment to avoiding large costs if a device needs to be repaired or replaced.

At Crystaline, we offer a range of handset insurance options. Our team can provide quotes from all major insurance providers to offer the most comprehensive cover at the lowest possible price. Please get in touch for a quote.