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Upgrade your business phone line

 Having a reliable business phone line remains a vital part of any unified communications strategy. Your business could be spending an unnecessary amount on a tariff that isn’t right for you. That’s why you should consider evaluating your office phone options with Crystaline.

Stay reliably connected in the office with business calls and phone lines from Crystaline. A reliable, flexible phone service with competitive rates is important if you’re going to run a cost-effective and agile business. That’s why we have calling plans that cover UK, international and mobile calls, plus a pay as you go (PAYG) option too, to suit your needs.

What’s more, if you take our 24-month contract option, you’ll enjoy one of the cheapest line rental prices available in the UK.

Want the flexibility of a PAYG business phone? During peak seasons, like Christmas time, your business may deal with a higher volume of calls than usual. If that’s the case, we encourage you to select our business phone service without having to add on a call plan. This means you can make and receive calls as-and-when you need to, while keeping an eye on your call costs.

Calls are charged per minute.

business phone line

Benefits of upgrading your business phone

Why should your business upgrade its phone system? 

  • Cost effective — savings of up to 35 per cent can be achieved when upgrading your office phone systems with Crystaline
  • Complimentary analysis — Crystaline will deliver a bill analysis that ensures your business is on a tariff that offers the best value for money
  • Transparency — our pricing has no minimum call charges and per-second billing, keeping communication clear and without hidden costs
  • Ease of use — Upgrading your phone system doesn’t need to be complicated. We deliver seamless transfer and no disruption to your usual service, so you don’t need to worry about missing a call
  • Consistency — there’s no need to change numbers or equipment if you don’t need to
  • High quality — you will enjoy cost savings without compromising on call quality or reliability

A unified comms system

Modernising your business phones is one element of a robust unified communications solution, which encompasses channels such as voice, video and messaging.

If you’re truly ready to bring your business communications into the future, you may want to consider our other voice services. Hosted voice systems, for instance, support calls over the internet for faster, flexible calling.

Phone handsets looking tired? Crystaline has partnerships with all major phone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung and Google, and regularly sources hard-to-find and more specialist phones to ensure you’re never without the kit you need.

Ready to upgrade your office phone systems? Contact us today.