NFON Cloudya business phone system from Crystaline

NFON Cloudya phone system from Crystaline

NFON’s Cloudya business phone system delivers a carrier grade, enterprise-level service, enabling high-quality voice connections. It’s based on hosted cloud PBX technology, meaning the phone system is installed at an external data centre and can be accessed anywhere in the world over the internet.

It incorporates phone call functionality with other unified communication (UC) solutions as well as integration with other business phone systems.


    Benefits of a cloud phone system

    The key advantages of NFON’s Cloudya cloud phone system include:


    • Easy set up — Cloudya is accessible via the web or an application, meaning businesses can rollout the system to all employees with minimal logistics headaches
    • Simple to use — each connection has just one number and inbox that’s accessible across any device with internet connectivity facilitating business continuity
    • Supports flexible working – it’s possible to use up to nine devices per extension, meaning employees are contactable from anywhere over any smartphone or laptop
    • Reliability — system data is stored in georedundant data centres to ensure end-to-end security and compliance


      • Maintenance free — NFON automatically manages system updates, meaning businesses don’t need to worry about maintenance and 99.9 per cent platform availability is guaranteed
      • Smart call forwarding — allows you to forward your calls to your desired destination based on who is calling and from which area
      • Call management — add call queues to ensure callers get to speak to a handler and call routing to specify when and where to forward calls if the recipient is not available
      • Voicemails — available as an audio file that’s accessible via a phone, computer or as an email attachment

      Unified communication functions

      • Cloudya Meet & Share — video conferencing capabilities to allow users to schedule 1:1 video calls for productive internal and external collaboration
      • CRM Connect — the Cloudya desktop app can be integrated with up to 60 common CRM platforms, as well as with Outlook and Apple address books to elevate customer service
      • Integration options — Cloudya is fully integrable with Microsoft Teams and more than 60 CRM systems
      • Tailored to an industry — NFON offers specific product upgrades for contact centres and the hospitality industry

      NFON’s Cloudya phone system through Crystaline

      Crystaline is an independent NFON partner that offers Cloudya and its suite of additional products to small to medium-sized businesses across the UK. Learn more about how we work here.

      Cloudya is priced on a simple subscription-based tariff pricing model, where you pay a license for each user each month. The license cost includes a desk phone and a call package that encompasses 2,500 UK landline and 2,000 UK mobile minutes per phone, access via the entire app suite, call forwarding, web management and voicemail to email.

      With Cloudya, it’s possible to flexibly scale up and down the number of users, each month depending on your requirements.

      Get in touch with a member of the team to learn more.