Vodafone One Net from Crystaline

Vodafone One Net from Crystaline 

Crystaline offers two products from the Vodafone One Net suite of connectivity — Business and Anywhere. They’re both VoIP phone systems, which means they use the internet to make and receive calls.

Vodafone One Net Anywhere

Vodafone One Net Anywhere is a telephone system suitable for businesses with up to nine employees. It enables small and medium-sized enterprises to operate a mobile office phone system, right from a mobile device.

One Net Anywhere achieves this using a virtual landline. Businesses can choose their telephone number with a geographical code of their choice, from almost any area in the world. When a customer calls this landline number, the call will come straight through to a business mobile device. Similarly, when calling a customer from a business mobile phone, it will connect using the virtual landline number.

With additions such as a virtual switchboard and the Hunt Group feature, there are many benefits to the One Net Anywhere solution:

  • Brand reputation — your business maintains continuity and professionalism
  • Never miss a call — anyone in the team can pick up a call from anywhere, elevating customer service
  • Cost savings — there are no expensive call divert charges applied as calls stay within the Vodafone network
  • One provider, one bill — enjoy the convenience of one provider and one bill, simplifying your communications setup

    Vodafone One Net Business

    Vodafone One Net Business is designed for organisations with ten to 250 users that want to move their fixed and mobile contracts to a single provider. It’s a cloud-based unified communications solution that fully integrates landlines, mobiles, desktop and tablet connectivity into one seamless system.

    Why opt for Vodafone One Net Business?

    • One number — take calls from anywhere, on any device, through one number. It’s even possible to add international call bundles for global connectivity in 110 destinations across the world
    • One voicemail — one centralised voicemail that can be accessed by anyone in the company, on any device
    • Simple management and billing — receive one bill covering your fixed and mobile contracts, available over two, three or five years
    • Easy set up — One Net Business is cloud-based, making initial set up quick and low cost. Ongoing updates are automatically managed and monitored through Vodafone’s core Internet Protocol (IP) based network
    • Seamless collaboration — full compatibility with Microsoft Office 365 for accessibility through any device, as well as one-tap call routing
    • Complete control — use the Online Feature Management Portal to add users, locations and devices
      Vodafone One Net through Crystaline

      Crystaline is a Vodafone Advanced Partner, offering local, specialised expertise for SMEs across the UK to unlock the benefits of the One Net offering.

      Our service is protected through the Crystaline Service Promise, which provides evidence on how our customers can expect to work with us.

      Interested in learning more about Vodafone One Net? Get in touch with our team of experts here.