We at Crystaline know that switching to a new device isn’t always easy, be it switching from a Samsung or from an Apple device. It can be a hassle and so we are providing you with a guide on how to move all of your data to your new iPhone 14!

iPhone to iPhone:

  • On your old iPhone, go to the iCloud settings, select back up and create your most recent save state.
  • Once done, switch on the new iPhone, go through the normal setup process, but when it asks you to move data, select iCloud as the option
  • Sign into your iCloud
  • This will search for your most recent backup, once it appear, select and wait.
  • And its done!

Android to iPhone:

  • Download move to iOS on your Samsung
  • When prompted through the setup of your new iPhone, select move from android.
  • Open the app on both systems, and enter the pin number on the iPhone when prompted
  • Once connected, select the content you want to move
  • And done(please note this data transfer time depends on how much data you have)

Easy as that right? If you require any other assistance with your new device, be sure to give us a call on 03448464222. One of the team will be happy to help!