Small Business Solutions that make a business owner’s life easier

The challenges of owning a small business span far and wide but our Small Business Solutions are here to make your life easier.  Owning a small, flexible and nimble business is an admirable achievement. It takes determination, resilience and a bag of positive energy to boot. Whether the business is a start-up, family owned or an acquired enterprise – the business owner is faced with many tests:

  • Employee management – it’s important to ensure your staff are happy, challenged, and appreciated
  • Money management – business can get complicated when managing multiple bills with multiple suppliers
  • Wearing every hat – from HR and Health and Safety to IT and Operations, your role requires you to adapt to and understand the business like the back of your hand, meaning you need to own a pretty diverse hat collection!
  • Client liaison – Clients love to feel special. And what better way, than to lend them your own time. But this can be disruptive to your day and detract from your many other priorities

Handy features to elevate your business’s productivity, flexibility & customer service

Crystaline, in partnership with Vodafone, offers a choice of Small Business Solutions, specifically designed with the business’s requirements in mind. The three packages we offer are:

There are several features available with our Small Business Solutions. To name but a few:

  • Damage Insurance – damages happen – with our damage and breakdown cover, you protect yourself from these everyday mishaps
  • Vodafone Rapid – with this feature, when you or your team breaks or damages a handset, we’ll get a replacement – charged and ready to use – in your hands within 4 hours
  • One Net Anywhere – this tool allows you to have all the benefits of a landline – on your mobile! Look more professional, enhance the customer experience and save money. More information can be found, here
  • Unlimited Voice and Text – this feature is handy for those business owners that value the importance of an always-on work environment. Call and text all day, every day
  • Data Capping – another useful feature to ensure your costs are carefully managed. Pay what you planned for by controlling your data allowances
  • Secure Net Basic – viruses of any guise within the business are always a hindrance. But with Secure Net Basic, your business is protected from malware, viruses and phishing with built-in network security

However your business looks; these packages are designed for you – to make your life easier. For more information, visit our Small business Solutions page, here.

Or talk to our team of experts on 0344 846 4222.