Customer service that goes above and beyond

At Crystaline we’re dedicated to our clients and dedicated to offering them the best customer service possible. Perhaps that’s why 100% of customers asked agree that their business has seen the benefits of working with us and would recommend our services to other businesses!

Our customer service extends far beyond a phone call to check in once a month; not only do we ensure we visit our customers on a regular basis, we also keep our fingers on the pulse of any industry updates that may save them time and money. This is what customer service means to us.

A seamless mobile switchover from BT/EE to Vodafone

More recently, we delivered a seamless mobile switchover for one of our customers, Wellingborough Homes. Back in December 2017, they made the decision to transfer their business mobiles across to us (onto the Vodafone network). As soon the customer engaged with us, we got to work! The handsets, SIM cards and all other accessories were agreed with the customer in January and as soon as February we were ready and rearing to commence their mobile services with Vodafone.


The switchover took place over two days; we had both Tech Support and one of our Directors at the customer’s premises leading the switchover to ensure the day went smoothly and that there was always someone on hand to help. During the two days; we helped their IT team deploy 127 handsets along with their email details and assist the end users with swapping their old handset data across to their new devices. The devices were then linked to their device management system and they were ready to go!


It was the smoothest switchover I and any of my team have ever experienced!” Loreen Herzig, Head of IT and Business Improvement

Are you in need of a mobile switchover but you’re worried about the time and complication? Give our friendly team of experts a call – we’d love to help!