Small and medium sized businesses have long known the great benefits to outsourcing some of their work to a virtual team, especially where they may not have the budget to hire permanent full time workers to help complete projects for customers on time.

Furthermore, a business may require a specific skill set or experience and can gain this quickly by outsourcing for additional help on each individual project, keeping costs relatively low compared to paying permanent employees.

However, some firms in the communications environment have sometimes been reluctant to outsource. First, there is a tradition that some operational functions should be completed in-house and there is a culture that it is the company’s role to monitor and control these functions. This has been described as an emotional attachment, not entirely related to business motives.

A second reason is the fear that this goes wrong. However, this is only likely to happen when the outsourcing takes place in an uncontrolled manner, where the key players are not aware of what is happening and therefore cannot steer things in the right direction. Thus, communication is a critical factor in delivering successful outsourcing results.

The benefits of outsourcing to a virtual team:

Remaining Competitive

Outsourcing a technical field such as Telecoms and IT means that you are gaining the very best knowledge in that field as the businesses supplying these services have to remain up to date with trends and competitive on pricing in order to compete.

Rather than grow staffing levels internally outsourcing enables businesses to effectively manage a contract rather than a person. With this in mind it comes with a very specific set of deliverables which are easy to manage and time spent becomes relative to the job that needs doing rather than limited to part time/full time hours which may leave a lot of wastage.

Additional Projects

Another benefit of outsourcing to a virtual team for smaller business owners is that the businesses can start projects that rely more heavily on the skill set and expertise the outsourcing brings. Compared to recruiting and hiring, a business owner can save time by outsourcing immediately taking on several projects at once.

A contract can also adapt more easily with the changing needs of a business, the wider skills of the vendor can be drawn upon to continually provide a service.

Cost savings

Rather than paying for permanent employees or equipment, outsourcing communications solutions to a virtual team allows a business owner to plan budget per project. The savings made can be invested back into the business to develop new income streams.

There are plenty of fields businesses do not think twice about outsourcing and at Crystaline we are encouraging businesses to consider us as their outsourced team or virtual team. Businesses looking for an end to end solution for their telecoms, connectivity, mobile telephony and IT support can now simply engage with Crystaline to deliver the full suite to a predefined budget and on an ongoing managed basis.

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