Last year 1.54 million people in Britain were working from home for their main job. Fast forward a year and the amount is now in the tens of millions as a result of Covid-19. Unfortunately, that means that many Brits didn’t have time to prepare their workspaces in the best way possible – and believe us, having a good workspace matters. In Lloyds’s survey of more than 3,000 adults, 72 percent of regular home workers have a customised workspace and are prepared to invest in their home working environment.

So, what are the key ‘tools of the trade’ for remote workers, and how can you make your workspace the best environment so you can your productive best?

  • Boost your broadband: Given that remote workers are likely to be using bandwidth heavy applications, like video, and that you’re likely to be sharing a connection with other people in your house (not to be mention your street), if you can boost your broadband package then it’s a good idea to do so! Better still, if you live in the 10% of UK properties that have access to a full fibre broadband provider, then consider switching across – you’ll have fast, dependable speeds, no matter what time of day it is or how many people are online. Watch out for future communications around the exciting launch of FTTP & SOGEA
  • Terrific telephony: When you are working from home it’s not sufficient to just rely on your office number being forwarded. Cloud telephony enables staff to seamlessly communicate, with a heap of additional features – like call recording, conferencing etc. Cloud telephony uses the Internet to make and receive calls. Most systems are flexible, scalable and simple to use. Watch out for future communications around our two market leading VoiP solutions with fully integrated mobiles and mobile apps.
  • Helpful hardware: If you are struggling on an antiquated old company laptop using your personal headphones, you should consider contacting the IT department to see if they can help you with an upgrade. When you are being asked to use this hardware full time, they are usually much more amenable to equipping you with company headsets etc. Some companies are even offering a contribution to personal tech that you can use for business as well!
  • Super software: Most companies are already using a collaborative platform to enhance remote communication and working, such as Teams or Slack. However, it may also be worth considering using some project management tools, such as Asana or Trello. Many are offering free trials, so you can try before you buy.
  • Wonderful workspaces: There are lots of hacks to make your ‘workspace’ as positive as possible. Good options include being by a window, having some plants, space for doodling and the ability to get up and about. If do have some budget to invest, the best place for this is in a good work chair. A comfortable, ergonomic chair can make all the difference!