What could Vodafone One Net mean for your business? Agility and receptiveness are the key attributes that set SMEs apart from large enterprises. This is owing to their size and the close working relationships they create with Clients. However, Customers love to feel loved and in a world privileged with Amazon Prime, instant gratification is the new norm, meaning more and more SMEs are embracing new trends and technologies to help them stay in the game. Don’t be the last player picked – it’s essential that you are also adapting to innovation.

In embracing new technologies, you are future-proofing your SME. Unified Communication (UC) products are the perfect solution to enable all your communications, such as Voicemail, Instant Messenger, Email etc. to integrate seamlessly with one another. This means your business will benefit from cost savings and more efficient working.

There are some incredible advantages to UC:

  • Location of talent – the right talent isn’t always directly on your doorstep but thanks to UC and Cloud Technology, employees are empowered to work from anywhere meaning you are not compromising the skill set of your staff. More and more, studies show that Millennials are increasingly attracted to flexible working opportunities – ensure that the future of your business experiences the best start to their career
    • Striking the perfect work-life balance – a 2017 survey revealed that remote workers are around 13% more productive*. UC allows employees to work from anywhere, elevating productivity and job satisfaction and decreasing stress and anxiety
    • Cost savings – With UC products such as Vodafone One Net, SMEs can rely on one monthly, predictable outgoing; costs are transparent and manageable
    • Elevated customer service – UC allows you and your employees to be online anywhere, at any time, on any device. Your customers will never be neglected and will experience an even higher level of customer service


Vodafone One Net brings streamlined communications to SMEs

One Net is an intelligent, complete solution that enables SMEs to save time and money with one single supplier.

One Net Business

Fully integrate your landline, mobile, desktop and tablet connectivity all on one system. Customers, employees and suppliers are seamlessly connected whether in the office or on the move, on any device. Find out more, here.

One Net Anywhere

Run your business from your mobile phone, while still appearing big and professional. One Net Anywhere provides businesses with a virtual landline with a geographical code from almost any area.

With additions such as a virtual switchboard and the Hunt Group feature, there are many benefits to the One Net Anywhere solution. Discover them, here.

Discover how we’ve streamlined communications for Newey Roundstone by installing Vodafone One Net, seamlessly connecting their workforce, any time, any place, on any device. This solution has helped reduce their costs and improve productivity and customer service. View the video at the top of the page, here.

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*Source: http://www.qnnect.com/blog/infographic-10-eye-opening-employee-productivity-statistics