Vodafone One Net Business & One Net Anywhere

Vodafone One Net Business

Why do I need Vodafone One Net Business?


Vodafone One Net Business fully integrates landlines, mobiles, desktop and tablet connectivity all on one system. So your customers, employees and suppliers can be seamlessly connected whether they’re in the office or on the move, on any device.


  • One Number – there is no longer a need for a landline and a mobile number. It’s easier for your customers and they get one number, its easier for you as you can take calls wherever you are.
  • One Voicemail – any messages can be retrieved by anyone in the company.
  • One Bill – receive one bill covering your fixed and mobile numbers.
  • One Clever Collaboration – One Net Business works with Microsoft Office 365 to let you answer calls on any device, from laptop to tablet, mobile to fixed line.
  • One Contact – customers will be directed to the right person they need with hunt call groups that direct calls straight to the right area of the business.
  • One Control – manage the Online Feature Management Portal to add users, locations, manage profiles and more.
  • One Reliable Future Proof System – One Net Business offers a fully secure phone system hosted on Vodafone’s core IP-based network managed and monitored 24/7.

Vodafone One Net Anywhere

Why do I need Vodafone One Net Anywhere?

Being a SME can mean taking your business in all kinds of directions. Vodafone One Net Anywhere allows you the convenience of working from your business mobile phone, while appearing big and professional.

How? One Net Anywhere provides businesses with a virtual landline. Businesses can choose the number with a geographical code of their choice from almost any area. When a customer calls this landline number, the call will come straight through to your business mobile phone. Similarly, when you call a customer from your business mobile phone, the virtual landline number will appear on their screen.

    With additions such as a virtual switchboard and the Hunt Group feature, there are many benefits to the One Net Anywhere solution:

  • Brand Reputation – your business maintains its professionalism wherever you’re making/taking the call.
  • Customer Service – your level of customer service will be elevated.
  • Cost Savings – there are no expensive call divert charges applied.
  • One Provider, One Bill – you will enjoy the convenience of one provider and one bill.