Access to high-speed internet connectivity is crucial for business. And that’s even more important when you’re opening new sites, offices and buildings. Yet getting a fixed line installed can take time, delaying your plans to be fully operational fast.

The world of business won’t wait — and neither should you. You need to get online, whether you’re on the road, at a temporary location, or need a rapid on-site solution.

Vodafone Smart Connectivity provides complete control of connectivity, almost anywhere your business takes you. Picture fast, reliable and secure Wi-Fi with solid signal strength. That’s what our Vodafone Smart Hubs deliver, whenever you need it.
Some of the benefits of Vodafone Smart Connectivity
✓ Connectivity that keeps things simple with high levels of coverage within minutes of installation.
✓ Connectivity to get your business working fast in almost any location and functionality straight out of the box.
✓ Connectivity tailored to your needs across multiple teams and devices with flexible agreements.

How can your business use Vodafone Smart Connectivity?

Rapid Deployment
For internet connectivity that gets your business up and running and fully operational, whether it’s a temporary office, construction site or retail store.

Portable Outdoor
For connectivity in remote locations thanks to a portable, water-resistant* and dust-resistant unit. Keep connected with up to five days’ battery life, mains charging and pole-mounted high-gain antenna boosting Wi-Fi signal up to 100m radius.

Connected Vehicle
For connectivity on the move, Smart Hub turns your vehicle into a hotspot with fast Wi-Fi and real-time GPS location analytics. It’s ideal if you need to access business-critical information on the go, to connect medical equipment in an ambulance, or to provide customer Wi-Fi on transport.