We have had a flurry of calls asking what will happen to the roaming charges. At present all contracts remain the same and no changes have been made.

Roaming charges are imposed when a mobile phone connects to an operator based in another country. The roaming fees are paid on top of your existing call charges. On April 30 this year, existing roaming charges were reduced and fees for calls, data and texts were capped.

Looking forward we predict that not a lot will change.  We hope pricing remains the same for our customers as many rely on using their mobiles as they travel for business purposes. As the networks remain highly competitive we predict that it will remain as competitive bundles or add-ons to current contracts.

An article detailed in The Mirror mentions A BT spokesperson provides some hope for British consumers, they said the EE network has “no plans to change our pricing as a result of the EU Referendum including our roaming charges.”

We are still continuing to offer extremely competitive packages for roaming so if you are in any doubt or would like a complimentary review please contact us on:

Email: info@wearecrystaline.co.uk

Phone: 0344 8464222