The past year has taught the world something Crystaline values highly: the importance of communication. Whether that’s meant keeping in touch with family, attending a weekly Zoom quiz or shifting to home working, the way we interact with others has taken on a new format.

With remote and hybrid working set to become permanent trends, we won’t see our new ways of working fizzling out any time soon. Therefore, organisations need to consider how their communication infrastructure will withstand the new working landscape.

What’s new?

At Crystaline, we believe that strong communications will be the key to business resilience. While this has always been at the heart of our ethos, we’ve made a couple of changes to make our service even better. First of all, we’d like to introduce you to our brand new website! You can check it out here.

To learn more about how Crystaline can support the future of work, we’ve also put together a short video. Take a look! [will insert video]

Cyber parenting guide

In addition to helping organisations communicate effectively, we want to make sure the virtual world is safe and accessible for everyone. A new feature on our website is our Cyber Parenting Guide, which acts as a hub of information for helping families stay safe online.

Did you know that 73 per cent of children will have an online presence before they are two years old? Discover our top tips for looking after generation internet, in article such as this one.

We’ll be back in touch next week. In the meantime, if you want to know more about Crystaline’s services, get in touch with a member of the team.