Crystaline was formed with the aim of providing the latest solutions and innovations in managed business communications to the SME marketIts focus was and still is on exceptional customer service and building long-lasting client relationships. 

Need a simpler way of understanding complex solutions?. Cut out the jargon! 

We are experts in helping organisations implement value for money, reliable and easy to use voice and internet connectivity solutions. Working with a diverse range of clients allows Crystaline to draw upon our knowledge and experience to provide advice and support to customers in all areas of telecoms.  

We pride ourselves on making informed recommendations that improve services and reduce operating costs, giving businesses the opportunity to invest more time working with their own customers to deliver great client experience and grow their business. 

What voice and data services do you need? 

Crystaline offers a range of business to business solutions – mobile phones, telephone systems and high-speed internet connectivity. 

We work in close partnership with all the major carriers and main networks directly to offer a variety of solutions and services tailored to your businessunifying all forms of communications to help increase productivity, allowing for effective communication between customers, employees and suppliers as appropriate 

Our offering encompasses: 

  • three hosted VOIP solutions with a variety of different features, benefits and price points – Vodafone One Net, ENFON and Gamma Horizon 
  • the newest mobile tariffs across the main three domestic network – EE, O2 and Vodafone 
  • some of the most competitively priced leased line pricing available in the UK 

More information about our full range of services and solutions can be found here. 

Why work with Crystaline? 

Crystaline provides a premium service, building lasting relationships and evolving with customers and their business’s needs. Whether that is to improve mobile phone options, manage incoming calls more efficiently, get the latest handsets, or obtain better internet connectivity, we deliver simple, relevant solutions and the best prices. 

Three reasons to work with a customer centric supplier like Crystaline: 

  • Deliver value for money 
  • Vendor neutral! We provide the best in market telecoms packages based on your needs 
  • Customer focused – straight forward and easy to work with – speak to a person, get a resolution 

It’s our approachable team that make our solutions so great 

When working with Crystaline you can expect the following services as standard: 

  • Dedicated Account Manager – who will meet on a regular basis to review usage, identify the causes of additional charges and make pro-active recommendations to address  
  • Crystaline Customer Service Team – familiar with your account, have a wealth of experience and will take ownership of your enquiry and ensure a satisfactory resolution, long gone are the days of calling into a huge faceless call centre, as a customer of Crystaline you and all your users will have direct access to our team 
  • Independent Tariff Analysis – objective review of current usage and objective recommendations how to address 
  • Proactive recommendations on cost management e.g. data management, roaming etc and we undertake our own independent mid-month call and data usage checks 
  • On-site support when porting services, we project manage every aspect of the process, supporting users in changing hardware, backing up systems and devices, setting up new handsets, resolving issues etc 
  • Running drop in workshops for managers and employees   
  • Provide spare SIM’s on site to minimise downtime in light of lost devices, a SIM swap can be initiated very quickly 
  • Free loan phone service in situations where no spare phone is available 
  • Implement User Agreement Policies 
  • Purchase handsets from Crystaline at cost, avoid Apple, they will not facilitate UK wide exchanges 
  • Warranty on all handsets  1 or 2yr warranty as standard, device dependent 

There is nothing complicated about it – great service, great outcome! 

Crystaline provides exceptional customer service, offering an honest and transparent relationship with clients. You too can benefit from our friendly and responsive customer helpline with expert advice and technical assistance.