Are you ready for the next generation of broadband? Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) brings you faster speeds than ever before, slick streaming and watertight working.

FTTP removes the need for traditional street cabinets and copper wires. It allows you to connect directly to your fibre provider, utilising the latest fibre technology, to make your connectivity the fastest and most reliable it has ever been.

Much faster download speeds:

FTTP is the next generation of broadband, with faster speeds than ever before (download speeds of up to 900Mbps compared to 80Mbps on FTTC).

Higher-quality voice and video calls thanks to a reliable connection:

FTTP has much lower latency, as fibre is far less susceptible to interference, signal degradation and faults than copper wires, reducing the likelihood of calls cutting and preventing those awkward moments waiting to reconnect

Lower latency:

Smaller chance of the network being congested or suffering downtime, resulting in a superior browsing experience and fewer interruptions.

Future-proof broadband:

The existing broadband and telephone infrastructure will be phased out by 2027, making FTTP the next generation of broadband that businesses rely on.