Whether you’re struggling to get a good fixed broadband service in your area or looking for a portable Wi-Fi solution to use wherever your business takes you, Vodafone’s GigaCube is the answer.

GigaCube is a plug-and-play connectivity solution that you can use anywhere – all you need is a power outlet and 4G or 5G coverage.

Why do you need GigaCube?

  • Fixed Replacement
    • You can use a Gigacube where fixed connectivity is not available, for instance, at a construction site
  • Temporary Connectivity
    • Use Gigacube whenever you need to setup connectivity for temporary sites, such as an exhibition room or a pop-up store
  • Fast Start
    • You can get instant connectivity at a new site or office while you wait for a fixed line installation
  • Back up connectivity
    • If you don’t want your business to skip a bea, you can use Gigacube as a back-up for when your fixed line goes down.

You can get Gigacube with a 60GB, 100GB, 200GB or 300GB of data on a 18 month or 30 day rolling contract

  • Highly Mobile
    • Sleep and lightweight design ensures you can transport the Gigacube with ease
  • Better spend control
    • Avoid bill shock with data capping through email and SMS notifications
  • No Fibre? No Problem
    • No fibre in your area? Gigacube has you covered, as long as you have 4G or 5G coverage.